Here’s A New Look At Skate’s Character And Skateboard Customisation

You won't get board of these choices!

While Skate fans continue to wait patiently for the next iteration in the beloved franchise, the team at EA’s Full Circle studio has been slowly doling out new behind-the-scenes and early looks at the game while community playtesters continue to play and help refine the experience ahead of a still-undetermined launch date.

The latest episode in the studio’s series of videos on the newest Skate has arrived, and this one’s all about one of the best parts of any good skateboarding sim – character customisation. The 14-minute video takes a look at what players can expect when expressing themselves through their characters overall look and wardrobe as well as how they can personalise their skateboard to really make it their own.

Full Circle says its goal is to hit a “sweet spot between realism and stylisation” with Skate’s art style and characters, and along with that it’s promising to give players a heap of tools and ways to decide their character’s wardrobe, body height and shape and features, saying “Self-expression, accessibility and inclusivity are core to skate. and we believe that skateboarding is for everyone. You can be whoever you aspire to be in San Vansterdam.”

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Players will be able to unlock a growing wardrobe consisting of tops, pants, headwear, eyewear, footwear and even socks including a lot of real-world brands like Vans, Girl and Chocolate. These, along with board cosmetics like deck art, stickers, grip tape designs, wheel color, and more will be unlocked via an in-game store both through earned and premium currency. Full Circle says it’s “committed to making sure your time spent in San Vansterdam always feels valued and you’re able to earn great items whether you choose to purchase premium currency or not.”

As a live game, Skate will also naturally receive new content on a regular basis, including new clothing and styles, new brand partnerships and new events and other gameplay bits.

You can watch the full The Board Room: Episode 5 video on Skate’s customisation options below: