Skate. Playtest Highlights

New Skate Gameplay Footage Looks Awesome In This Update From The Developer

Do a Kickflip!

Last week, members of Full Circle sat down to discuss the status of Skate. During the round-table, the project leads shared their thoughts on the project and shared some new playtest footage.

You can watch the full episode below:

Skate. will be the fourth title in the franchise of the same name and is currently being developed by Full Circle. Full Circle is a Vancouver-based studio led by the former Head of Xbox Live, Daniel McCulloch. The creative team is led by Deran Chung and Cuz Parry, who helped create the Skate franchise and have worked on each major title since.

In the episode, creative director, Cuz Parry, explains that though the team are honouring the foundations of the old games, players should not expect a “copy-paste” experience in the new Skate.

Lead Gameplay Designer Ryan Pelcz continued the discussion. He explained that Full Circle is evolving the mechanics, the engine and the technology to create a reimagined experience that still feels like a Skate. game. One of their key goals is to add more player agency, more player control and explore more possibilities and self-expression within the game world. Pelcz added that the team also wants to make it look better than ever.

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A new focus for this entry is off-board gameplay. This, says Pelcz, centres around exploration and allowing players to reach new areas and do new and more creative things. Anything they are adding in this regard is to amplify what a player can do with their skating. They hope that this will create more possibilities for skateboarding and more opportunities for fun.

You can check out some highlights from recent playtesting:

We don’t have a release date or anything like it for Skate. yet. However, we know that when it eventually launches, it will be free to play on all platforms.