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Fallout Is Officially Coming To Fortnite

Fallnite? Fortout?

Fallout is coming to Fortnite. That we know thanks to an image shared by the official Fortnite account on X, which shows key art of some power armour and a very Fallout-looking structure.

Unfortunately, that’s also all we know, with this image and the emoji equivalent of a classic Vault Boy thumbs-up being the sole thing that Fortnite has shared about the upcoming collaboration. It’s easy to infer from the image that players will be able to visit said Fallout-esque location, and undoubtedly purchase and don a power armour skin, but beyond that we know pretty well nothing at this stage.

Todd Howard recently made passing mention of a couple of new Fallout-related happenings on the horizon in an interview with Kinda Funny Games, so it seems likely that this is one of them – along with a potential inclusion in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III’s fourth season.

There’s no doubt going to be a lot more Fallout excitement in the coming months and years as the hugely-successful Prime Video series adaptation has already been renewed for a second season.

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In his review of the first season of Fallout, which premiered in full on Prime Video last week, Brodie wrote, “With a surprisingly riveting original story to tell, Fallout is a rollicking ride through all-too familiar wastes. It might not prove to set the world on fire, though with enough fan service to shake a Ripper at, it’s assured to start a flame in the hearts of long-time fans.”