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It Looks Like Fallout Is Coming To Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 4

And Gundam! And The Crow?

Activision dropped its “Season 3 Reloaded” mid-season update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in recent days, and dataminers have already unearthed some very interesting and potentially exciting hints at future franchise crossovers for the game’s fourth season.

One of those is Fallout, which probably isn’t a huge surprise given the massive surge in popularity right now off the back of the successful Prime Video series adaptation, especially now that Microsoft owns the curators of both franchises. It’ll be interesting to see whether this potential crossover manifests in familiar characters from the show and/or the games appearing as Operators and what kinds of weapons or other gear we might see.

The next crossover hinted at in the mined information sounds equally as cool as Fallout with Gundam named in the files. I, for one, would very much be tempted to jump back into COD if it meant getting in on some Gundam action.

Lastly, and perhaps most surprisingly, is The Crow. With a brand-new rebooted film on the way in August it’s maybe not a stretch to see it get a tie-in, and Call of Duty has certainly done more left-of-field stuff, but of the trio it’s definitely the one I’d never have guessed.

Of course, a bunch of name drops in files pulled from an earlier season could wind up meaning nothing as plans change or just never were, but it’s probably a safe bet to say we’ll see this stuff turn up in the game’s future.

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Season 3’s crossover content is already pretty neat with the likes of Godzilla x Kong-themed Operators as well as legendary stoners Cheech and Chong making their debut in the game as Operators complete with the voices of the pair themselves and a heap of themed gear.

The next COD title is likely to be revealed in June during a dedicated direct presentation hosted by Xbox, so you can find out when and where to watch that here.