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MultiVersus Has Revealed The New Currencies, Battle Pass And Rewards Coming At Launch

Give me Banana Guard.

WB Games and Player First Games are gearing up for the much-anticipated full launch of the free-to-play platform fighter, MultiVersus, on May 28th, and in the lead-up to release they’ve dropped a heap of new info on what new and returning players can expect from the game’s economy of unlocks, progression and in-game currencies.

There are quite a few changes from what players would have experienced when the game’s open beta was live between 2022 and 2023, especially when it comes to the different currencies players can earn or buy and use to unlock things.

There are now four different currency types – Perk, Fighter, Prestige and Gleamium. Gleamium will pretty much work as before, a currency that can be earned or bought and is used to unlock things like cosmetics, emotes and the game’s Battle Passes, Perk and Fighter currencies are earned and used to unlock (you guessed it) in-game perks and fighters. While Prestige will be earned as you unlock items and cosmetics, and will be spent to unlock even rarer Prestige cosmetics.

For those who have Character Tokens and Gold left over from the open beta, Character Tokens will still be useable for unlocks, while Gold will be converted to “commemorative cosmetics” in line with a player’s leftover Gold value.

Outside of currencies, players returning from the open beta who log in before June 11 will be rewarded with access to the Season 1 premium Battle Pass for free, and those who return at any other point will also get a Snow Suit Finn commemorative character variant, a Rising Stars ringout, and a Banana Guard announcer pack.

For everyone including new players, a special reward calendar tied into completing the game’s new tutorial will also net them the Banana Guard fighter from Adventure Time along with a Lady Banana Guard variant for finishing the calendar.

Lastly, the studio says it’s made improvements to MultiVersus’ Battle Pass system by increasing the number of “high-value” items in both the free and premium tiers. Battle Passes will now last for eight weeks, and players will be able to repeat the final tier if they finish the pass ahead of time. Season 1 will include Jason Voorhees as the very first premium unlock. You can read more about all of this in the official blog post here.

MultiVersus is returning May 28th for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC as a full-fledged release with a bevy of gameplay improvements, Unreal Engine 5-powered visuals, new features like a PvE mode, improved netcode, balancing and more.