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Octopath Traveler Has Been Rated For PlayStation And The Series Might Be Coming To Xbox Game Pass

It's really traveling!

The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee may have outed some of Square Enix’s plans for new ports of its Octopath Traveler titles early, filing ratings for the first game to launch on PS5 and PS4, along with the already-known Octopath Traveler II release for Xbox consoles.

While the original game initially launched on Switch, followed by PC and Xbox, it’s yet to come to PlayStation platforms, and likewise the second game launched across Switch, PlayStation and PC last year without reaching Xbox consoles. A release of the sequel for Xbox was revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2023, though we’re yet to get a strict date, so it seems likely we could hear more about that and the PlayStation release of the original over the impending Summer Game Fest activities this month.

Adding to this, eXputer reports that Octopath Traveler II could be headed to Xbox Game Pass when it does eventually arrive on Microsoft’s platforms, according to sources it says are familiar with the matter. The outlet also claims that the first game could make its way to Game Pass as well, meaning the series in full will be available to subscribers.

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With Square Enix’s recent remarks on a greater multiplatform strategy going forward, hopefully situations like this where a series is fragmented across multiple platforms between entries are mitigated going forward.

We gave Octopath Traveler II a healthy 8.5/10 in our review last year, with James saying, “Octopath Traveler II does an earnest job of trying to right the wrongs of its predecessor, making more attempts than ever to integrate the stories of its eight characters. While the result falls slightly short of this promise, Octopath Traveler II offers everything the original did and more. It’s a stellar RPG with a fantastic presentation and mechanically robust gameplay systems that any genre fan shouldn’t miss.”