The Cost Of Showing A Trailer At Summer Game Fest Has Been Revealed And It’s Bloody Expensive

One trailer could cost almost a million bucks.

A new report from Esquire, which has also been corroborated by Kotaku, has found that showing a trailer for your game at Geoff Keighley’s annual Summer Game Fest (and, by extension, The Game Awards) showcases is fucking spenno. We’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars per minute of air/stage time to have your game looked at by the millions of eyeballs that tune in each year.

While there are reportedly some breaks and sponsorships for smaller titles based on editorial choices from Keighley and the SGF team, the vast majority of what you’ll see this weekend has been made possible by some pretty significant outlays from the developers and publishers involved (cue all the folks who work in marketing pretending to be surprised).

Here’s the breakdown of what the outlets found are the costs to run a trailer on the big stage at Summer Game Fest:

  • $US250,000 (around $375,000 AUD) for 1 minute
  • $US350,000 (around $525,000 AUD) for 1.5 minutes
  • $US450,000 (around $674,000 AUD) for 2 minutes
  • $US550,000 (around $824,000 AUD) for 2.5 minutes

Further to that, if you want to be a part of the proceeding Summer Game Fest Play Days action, where industry folks can book appointments to watch or play your games in private sessions, costs can vary from around $20,000 per day or more depending on your equipment and space needs.

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“The current pricing tiers make Summer Game Fest an unattainable goal for most indie developers and publishers,” a PR agent who represents indie games told Esquire.

“As far as general brand awareness, the impact is pretty huge. The caveat here is that it depends on the placement and trailer length. Longer slots perform better and seem to drive more coverage, whereas short trailers don’t capture quite the same attention,” a separate PR representative told the outlet.

And, let’s be real, marketing does cost a ton of cash whether or not you’re in the video game industry and forking out for Keighley to publicly cream his satin dacks over your upcoming project, and there’s obviously a ton of expense that goes into putting on a show like this. That doesn’t change the fact though, that it’s going to be hard now not to look at some of the lengthier, flashier trailers at this weekend’s show and not think about the number of talented and hardworking game devs laid off and studios closed over the past 12 months.

Still, if you’re keen to see the multi-million dollar event happen live, you can find all of the Aussie times and viewing information in our big rundown of all of June’s gaming showcases right here.