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Everything Announced At The June Devolver Direct

Happy birthday, Volvy!

Devolver Digital has aired another cooked Devolver Direct showcase for the summer of gaming season and, aside from celebrating the iconic Volvy’s 15th birthday (time goes so fast!) it’s also debuted six shiny new trailers featuring a couple of brand-new announcements, some DLC reveals and release dates for highly-anticipated titles.

As a special bonus, Devolver also released a free Volvy Digital Pet for PC, so you can relive the days of struggling to clean up your virtual Volvy’s droppings fast enough that it didn’t eventually die covered in its own shit.

Here’s what was shown:


A brand-new game announcement, Tenjutsu looks like a fast-paced rogue action game from the designer of Dead Cells, and stars a yakuza going toe-to-toe with a series of powerful crime families that control the Secret Garden City. You’ll put together a diverse playstyle of your own with weapons, moves and more earned by gathering resources and experience as you freely progress through the game in any order – but your enemies will get stronger as you do.

Tenjutsu is coming to PC and consoles at an unannounced date. Check out the very slick-looking trailer below:


Heart Machine, the team behind Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash is back at it again with Possessor(s), a new side-scrolling action game that takes place across a megacity collapsing under an interdimensional event. It looks incredible, with hand-animated characters in lush 3D environments and action that seems to take lessons from platform fighters.

Possessor(s) is headed to PC and consoles next year, and you can check out the gorgeous reveal trailer below:

Cult of the Lamb – Unholy Alliance Is Finally Bringing Co-Op To The Game

Cult of the Lamb’s next big free update, Unholy Alliance, is launching on August 12th and adds a feature that fans have bleated for since the game launched – co-operative play! A second player can join a game locally as new character and ally, the Goat. Players will get to experience new twists on things like fishing and knucklebones and adventure together with the advantages of added damage when fighting in sync and being able to swap weapons.

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The update also adds new solo abilities, tarot cards, relics, buildings, fleeces, follower traits, quests and a heap more. check out the trailer:

Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium

The Talos Principle 2 is getting a huge DLC expansion, titled Road to Elysium, which adds three unique new chapters complete with all-new puzzles to solve and added story context.

Road to Elysium is launching very soon on June 14th for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out the trailer:

The Crush House Has Set A Date For Its Premiere

It feels like The Crush House was only just announced, but it’s easily one of my most-anticipated titles for this year, and now we know the wait isn’t going to be all that much longer with a launch on August 9th for PC.

In case you’ve missed it, The Crush House casts players as showrunner for a hot reality show, managing the cast and production to garner record ratings all while uncovering a deeper, weirder mystery underneath it all. There’s also a demo available to play right now, and a new trailer:

Anger Foot’s Got A Release Date Too, Just For Kicks

We love Anger Foot here at Press Start, the mix between Hotline Miami, Squanchism and sneaker culture offering an intoxicating moment-to-moment blend that Brodie got a kick out of in his recent preview.

You won’t have long to wait, either, with the game finally getting a release date of July 11th for PC. Take a look at the release date trailer: