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Here’s A Look At Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater’s Updated Damage System

That's one good looking Naked Snake.

Not long after giving us a pretty good look at the game in a gameplay reveal trailer a few weeks ago, Konami has dropped a new video on its Japanese YouTube account that goes into a little more detail on some of the updates to Metal Gear Solid Delta: Snake Eater’s core systems, including a look at the updated versions of the game’s camo and damage systems.

Like the original MGS3, Delta will include a mechanic where Snake takes damage to specific areas in specific ways that players can choose to heal with various items or let heal naturally. In the new version, the team has taken this one step further with visual traces of damage that Snake has taken remaining with him even after his wounds have been healed – essentially chronicling your journey through the entire game with the literal scars on Snake’s back.

Snake’s other exploits will also be better represented on his character model in Delta, with things like stains from the environment, leaves and debris as well as battle damage like tears and bullet holes all affecting Snake’s outfit in real time.

The team also goes over some of the updates to the game’s controls, which have been modernised to offer an experience closer to contemporary third-person shooters, including being able to move while crouched or aiming. Old-school fans can still opt for the original control style and more top-down camera, if they want to, and even change between multiple colour filters to get the green-tinted look of the original game.

You can watch the full video (with English subtitles) below:

And in case you’re not keen on watching the full thing, there’s a neat added surprise at the end of the video where we get a look at the “Legacy” version of the Metal Gear Delta: Snake Eater title screen: