A Bunch Of New Pokemon Sun and Moon Information Just Dropped

Nintendo has released a wealth of new Pokemon Sun and Moon information. The below video will take you on a tour of the new Alola Region which looks absolutely beautiful. The region is made up of four tropical islands and one artificial island. Obviously you’ll be encountering never before seen Pokemon on these islands.

The brand new Legendary Pokemon have also been detailed. Both Solagaleo and Lunala are psychic type Pokemon. Solgaleo is the lion-esque legendary from the Pokemon Sun boxart. It is a Steel-type Pokemon with a Full Metal body. Lunala is from the Moon box and is a Ghost-type Pokemon with the Shadow Shield ability.

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A new Pokedex was also revealed which is called the Rotom Pokedex. It is inhabited by Rotom, which is a Pokemon with the power to reside in various electronic appliances. It can do much more than just record information, as it has its own personality. It can show your current location as well as your next destination. It also allows you to have conversation with other characters. It’ll include a QR scanner function which will allow you to see information about certain Pokemon when you scan their QR Code pattern.

You will choose to be a hero or heroine in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon, and you can name yourself whatever you’d like. The story begins right after your character has moved to the Alola region. You’ll also be able to customise how your hero looks based on a number of pre-determined features.

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