Six New Pokemon Have Been Revealed And They’re Kinda Weird

Last night, six new Pokemon were revealed from the new Pokemon Moon & Sun lineup. I watched the trailer and couldn’t help but feel a little bit confused after watching.

Bewear is the Pokemon that in my opinion, doesn’t really look a whole lot like a Pokemon. It is incredibly cute but something in the style just looks off to me. Bewear is a Normal and Fighting Pokemon with the special abilities Fluffy/Klutz.

Bounsweet is a grass type Pokemon who is clearly suppose to represent some kind of fruit or vegetable. Don’t be fooled by the cute look as Bounsweet packs a punch with Leaf Guard/Oblivious.

Comfey is one of the weirdest looking of the bunch and represents some kind of floral wreath. It is of the fairy type and viciously spins its body to create the special abilities which are Flower Veil and Triage.

Wimpod is a weird looking cockroach-like Pokemon who is of the Bug/Water type. Its special ability is called ‘Wimp-out’ which is representative of the way its just chilling there on its back.

Mudsdale looks like a horse who has been covered in some sort of goop. It is of the ground type and features Own Tempo and Stamina as his special abilities. It’s clear that Mudsdale dances to the beat of its own drum.

Mimikyu is definitely the oddest, but most interesting Pokemon that I’ve ever seen. Judging by the name it likes to mimic other Pokemon, with its main form being a dishevel Pikachu. It is a Ghost and Fairy type Pokemon who’s main ability is to Disguise.

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be out on Nintendo 3DS on 18th November 2016.