Street Fighter II On Super Nintendo Is Getting Reprinted With Glow In The Dark Cartridges

Yep, the era of reproduction has begun.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter II on Super Nintendo, ‘iam8bit’ is reprinting 5500 completely playable boxed copies of Street Fighter II on SNES. There will be 4,500 Opaque Ryu Headband Red cartridges and 1,000 Glow-inthe-Dark Blanka Green cartridges. Which one you receive will be completely random (but obviously you want that glow-in-the-dark cartridge).

They’ll set you back $100 USD (roughly $120 AUD), which is quite pricey, but obviously worth it if you want a boxed edition copy of Street Fighter II or just a boxed copy of a Super Nintendo game.

There’s also set to be some other retro goodies which iam8bit are not disclosing at this time, but judging by the rest of the nicely designed packaging, it’s set to be good.