The SNES Classic Mini Controller Cord Is Still Ridiculously Short

Without doubt, the worst thing about the NES Classic Mini (outside of the fact that it was always out of stock) was the fact that the controller cords were ridiculously short. Now, we’ve been spoiled for the better part of a decade now with wireless controllers, but when NES Classic Mini controller cord took short wired controller cords to another level.

It was so short that you literally had to sit within 30-60cm of the TV. This wasn’t so much of an issue when we had smaller TVs back in the 80s-90s, but with 60″ TVs now, it was literally impossible to play the NES Classic Mini without a wired cord extender or one of those third party wireless ones.

GameXplain has gotten their hands on their SNES Classic Mini review unit and it disappoints me to say that the cord of the SNES Classic Mini controller is still going to be way too short. It looks to be about 20-30cm longer than the NES Classic Mini, but it’s still a good 40-50CM shorter than the original Super Nintendo cord.

For reasons that I just stated, it really needs to be longer than the original Super Nintendo controller as TVs are bigger than ever before and we can use wireless controllers on every other console. It was speculated after the NES Classic Mini released that these cords were originally created for transfer between a Nunchuk and Wii Remote so could only carry a single a certain length with the current technology.

The Super Nintendo Classic Mini is finally out later this week. It feels like it was only announced just yesterday but it’s finally coming out on Saturday, September 30th. Nintendo has assured us that stock will be available throughout the holiday season and well into 2018. The good news is that you’ll get two controllers in the box with the SNES Classic Mini so you won’t be hunting for a second controller.

We’ll have more coverage on the SNES Classic Mini later this week. We just need to get that Donkey Kong Country into our veins as soon as humanly possible.