The SNES Classic Mini Doesn’t Come With An AC Adaptor And It Really Doesn’t Bloody Matter

Nintendo revealed the SNES Classic Mini and once again revealed that they were releasing a product without an AC Adaptor. In-fact, they announced a brand new USB Adaptor that looks like it’ll work universally among all their products, but you really don’t need it.

I’m seeing a lot of confusion on social media. People either outraged over the fact that Nintendo isn’t including an AC adaptor with the SNES Classic Mini or just confused about whether any old USB adaptor will work with the SNES Classic Mini.

To put it to bed, I can almost guarantee that you don’t need to purchase an additional AC Adaptor for your SNES Classic Mini (or any other Nintendo device). If it’s like the NES Classic Mini (and it’s almost certain to be), almost any USB AC adaptor will work just fine. One of the 10 iPhone chargers you’ve got lying around or any AC adaptor that takes USB input.

Further to this, you can plug your SNES Classic Mini into your TV if it has a USB port. That’s how little power it uses. If your TV doesn’t have a power point, then you can plug it into your PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 or even your trusty Nintendo Switch dock.

Strangely enough, people have even had success running their NES Classic Mini on a power bank. Sure, you might only get a few hours, but if you’re worried about spending money on a $20 USB adaptor (that will be multipurpose), then that’s probably a better option.

Only then, if you don’t have any of these things will you need to consider purchasing Nintendo’s $20 USB adaptor. Although, you can probably head to JB Hi-Fi, eBay or just about any other retailer and pick one up for a few dollars. It’s really not revolutionary tech.

The SNES Classic Mini launches on September 30th for $119.95.