Massive New Nintendo Switch Features Potentially Leaked In Firmware 5.0 Video

A leaked video showing off the supposed Nintendo Switch Firmware Version 5.0.0 has potentially leaked a bunch of new features coming to Nintendo Switch. Just based on this video, these are the new features that we can see.

  • Folder Support
  • Sorting Icons
  • Themes
  • Cloud Storage
  • YouTube/Twitch
  • Themes
  • Chat Rooms
  • Messages

Now, this could very well be fake, but it looks a little too elaborate to me and none of these features look completely out of the question in terms of what Nintendo should hopefully incorporate in the next few firmware upgrades for Nintendo Switch.

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The video claims that this will release in February which makes sense as Nintendo is due to have a huge Nintendo Direct in January, but once again take it with a grain of salt at the moment.