Mario Tennis Aces’ Adventure Mode Looks Pretty Damn Good

We found out a little while ago that Mario Tennis Aces would be the first Mario Tennis game since the Gameboy to have a story mode.

Adventure mode in Mario Tennis Aces will feature missions, boss battles as well as story elements featuring a wide variety of characters.

Nintendo has just released a trailer showcasing the mode, which we not know is set around the fact that Mario is trying to rescue Luigi from the evil Wario and Waluigi and the Legendary racket.

The game will have a top-down overworld where you’ll go from level to level. It also looks like characters will have their own missions. For instance, when we’re playing Boo, he’ll have mirrors which take the ball and spit it elsewhere or we’ll get to battle bosses like Peter Piranha in special tennis matches.

We’ll also be able to change rackets in order to change Mario’s skills, which seems a lot deeper than anything we’ve done in a Mario Tennis game before.

Mario Tennis Aces is out for Nintendo Switch on June 22nd, but Nintendo has announced an online beta which is taking place from June 1st to June 3rd.