Nintendo Switch Update 6.0.1 Fixes Internet Test And Motion Control Issues

A few weeks after dropping 6.0.0, Nintendo has just released Nintendo Switch update 6.0.1 which seems to fix a few niggling issues which Switch users would have faced over the last month or so.

A minor issue, but apparently the speed tests were showing incorrect results for both the download and upload speed. Something a little bigger is the fact that motion controls weren’t responding correctly. It’s interesting, as I’d noticed a little bit of this playing Super Mario Party.

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The full patch notes are below:

Improvements Included in Version 6.0.1 General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience, including:

  • Resolved an issue where internet connection test does not display correct results for download and upload speed
  • Resolved an issue where some licensed controllers’ motion controls such as tilt function respond incorrectly
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