Katana ZERO Has Now Been Rated R18+ After Being Refused Classification

We’ve received word that Devolver Digital’s neon-drenched slasher Katana ZERO’s classification refusal has been overturned in Australia meaning that the game should be out by the end of this month for Nintendo Switch as well as PC.

Though there was a lot of conjecture the game’s original refusal was due to the high-impact drug content in the game, it appears it was actually due to a processing error meaning the game’s delay was likely always going to be a temporary one while it went through submissions again.

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The game has received an R18+ rating with “high impact drug use” listed under consumer advice, so it’s safe to say the game hasn’t undergone any edits or censorship.

So all in all, it’s great news and proof that the system works if a game like Katana ZERO, which is violent and quite clear in its depiction of drug use, can be classified and release down under. So be sure to keep an eye out toward the end of May, which is the rough window we’ve been given for Katana ZERO’s release.