Nintendo Switch

Here’s The Australian Release Date/Price For The New Nintendo Switch

We have today learnt that the brand new Nintendo Switch with a bigger battery will launch in Australia in early August. The new Switch will release with new packaging, so that consumers (and retailers) can easily identify the new model from the old one.

When the new Switch launches in Australia, the console will have a $469 price point. In the meantime, the old Switch (with smaller battery) will stay at $399. The Nintendo Switch Lite will then release in September for $329. It’s also unclear if the original Nintendo Switch will stay on the market or if they’ll disappear once they’ve all been ran out at the $399 price point.

The new Nintendo Switch has almost double the battery of the original Nintendo Switch with a battery life of 4.5-9 hours. The Nintendo Switch Lite will have a battery life if 3-7 hours.