Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure Is The Nintendo Switch’s Next Crazy New Accessory/Game

After that tease last week, Nintendo has now lifted the lid on Ring Fit Adventure.

It’s a more mature follow up to Wii Fit and has you using a Ring-Con and Leg Strap that will mix fitness and an adventure game that actually looks quite good. It’ll release on October 18th for $124.95 and that’ll get you both accessory and the game.

The Ring-Con is a flexible electronic device that provides resistance and features a sensor that detects exertion and reacts to change. It can be changed to your fitness level to provide a tailored experience to all types of people.

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The games adventure mode will feature 40 different Fit Sills which will be divided into arms, abs, legs and yoga categories. It sounds quite deep and essentially like a little RPG. You’ll also be able to play through Quick Play as well as simple sets (which sounds like traditional fitness exercises).