The Outer Worlds On Switch Has A Release Date But It’ll Be A Code In A Box

Obsidian has announced that The Outer Worlds will come to Nintendo Switch on March 6th.

The game will be the full experience that launches on other consoles late last year. It’ll set you back $89.99 at retail and it’ll be a boxed version of the game that contains a code to download the game. This due to the fact that once games reach a certain size, publishers have to pay a higher amount for a larger cart on Switch.

We loved The Outer Worlds and gave it an 8.5/10. Kieron said in his review: The Outer Worlds is the kind of inspired take on a genre that could only come from a team as passionate and talented as Obsidian. It’s not perfect, but it’s creative, succinct, compelling and funny in all the right ways. I sincerely hope that this signals the beginning of a new, ongoing franchise because the people and stories of the Halcyon Colony will stick with me for a long time to come.