Animal Crossing Pokemon

People Are Recreating Pokemon In Animal Crossing

With a month having passed since Animal Crossing: New Horizons came out, people now have access to all the tools necessary to completely sculpt their island and it’s resulting in some pretty impressive designs.

None, are more popular than Pokemon recreations. One person went to the effort of recreating the world from Pokemon Gold and Silver, with a number of custom floor tiles, as well as a Snorlax sleeping by the dock. There’s Pokeballs all around the place, wild grass and water as well as Pokemon such as Pikachu chilling out around the place.


Another user recreated Pallet Town, and didn’t go quite to the same length, but it’s still really effective. The outfit is spot on, and the town definitely has Pokemon vibes.

A lot of people are also creating custom Pokemon clothing (which are also featured in both of the videos above).


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