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Nintendo Switch Online Is Down Which Isn’t Great For Your Animal Crossing Turnip Business

Nintendo has confirmed that there’s issues with the Nintendo Switch online services as of about 08:00am AEST this morning.

Nintendo confirmed the issue at about 11:30am this morning in a Tweet, confirming that players are experiencing errors accessing Nintendo Network services. You can stay updated with it HERE. 

Honestly, it wouldn’t even surprise me if the Network is struggling due to an influx of Animal Crossing users trying to access other people’s islands. After all, Nintendo did confirm that over 13 million copies of the game had sold in the first six weeks of it being on sale earlier this week. 

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The notice on Nintendo’s website says:

All network services

We are currently experiencing difficulties with our network services.
Please try again later.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Down Detector confirms that a number of Australians have logged issues with the service as well.

Nintendo Switch Down

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