Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has Already Outsold The 3DS/DS Versions With 13.41 Million Copies Sold

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is an absolute beast.

Nintendo has announced that the game sold 11.77 million units in its first 11 days on the market, and it’s now reached 13.41 million copies just six weeks after release. In comparison, Animal Crossing: New Leaf on 3DS sold somewhere between 11-12 million copies since launch whilst Animal Crossing: Wild World on DS has only told a touch over 10 million copies.

In other Nintendo sales news, Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Party have now reached over 10 million units in sales whilst Pokemon Sword and Shield, Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild have reached over 17 million units in sales. Mario Kart is still pulling in massive numbers and has sold 8.08 million units this FY.

The Nintendo Switch itself has crossed the 55.77 million mark for sales and the Nintendo Switch Lite isn’t doing too badly either coming in at 6.19 million sales.