Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Is Finally Getting Island Save Backups And A Bunch Of Other Summer Content

Nintendo has confirmed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will get island cloud saves in the Summer Wave 2 update which is launching in July 30th. Nintendo hasn’t fully detailed this service yet (information should be coming soon) but it’s called the Island Restoration Service.

It looks as though this service will allow Nintendo to recover your Animal Crossing: New Horizons save for you (as detailed by Vooks below) with the ability to move islands from one Nintendo Switch to another still coming later this year.

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The update will also bring fireworks shows on every Sunday throughout August (complete with custom designs) and you’ll also be able to visit other people’s islands whilst dreaming with the help of Luna (it’s not exactly clear how this works).

Nintendo also confirmed that a Fall update was on the way, which looks like it’ll be Halloweek focused.

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