Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch Pro Will Apparently Target 4K Graphics With A Heap Of 2021 Switch Games On The Way

Earlier today we wrote about the fact that a new Nintendo Switch looks to be coming in early 2021, with production set to start later this year.

Bloomberg has now followed that up with a report that suggests that the Nintendo Switch console that is rumoured to release in 2021 (expected to be a Nintendo Switch Pro console) will target 4K graphics. It’s unclear at this point if it will be 4K purely from an output, with games still running at 1080P, or if Nintendo has worked with Nvidia to get some form of DLSS 2.00 onto the system.

Nintendo is also preparing a “slew of games from Nintendo and related outside studios”. These games will address a wide range of players ranging from casual gamers to more hardcore gamers. This obviously makes sense given the fact that Nintendo has had a quiet 2020, relying heavily on Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

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As of this point in time, Nintendo has sold over 61 million Nintendo Switch units, which puts the company in a great position going forward with a new iteration to boost this even further.

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