Super Nintendo World

Here’s Our Best Look At Super Nintendo World Yet

Shigeru Miyamoto took us through Super Nintendo World in Japan earlier today and it looks absolutely incredible.

We got our look at the world which shows a living and breathing Mario world full of interactive elements, characters and enemies that we’ve come to know and love from the Super Mario franchise.

Super Nintendo World

You start off by entering the area in a Mario warp pipe, before entering one of the coolest areas which has actual paintings from Super Mario 64 along with the music from the game. It’s surprising to me how life-like the entire world looks.

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World

There’s a gift shop with a Tokotoko Mario which is able to be walked with no batteries as well as a bunch of other items that can only be purchased, a restaurant that is run by Toads, where you sit and look at Toad chefs on an interactive screens.

Super Nintendo World Super Nintendo World

You interact with elements in the whole world with a Power-Up wrist band which results in a battle with Bowser Jnr. You also sync your phone with your smart band to track progress throughout your time in the park.

Super Nintendo World

We also got a look at Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge which is the AR Mario Kart experience that we’ve heard the most about. Other rides weren’t really shown but there are a few more in the park.

To celebrate Mario’s 35 anniversary, the park also features Mario’s game world which has been fully recreated at scale in the park.

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World opens on February 4th, 2021. Hopefully we can head out there sometime in 2021. The plan is to bring Super Mario World to the United States and also Singapore at later dates.

Obviously, it’s hugely exciting to see a world and characters that we’ve known throughout our entire lives come to life, so hopefully the world returns to normal so we can head over and visit.

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