Knockout City

Knockout City Is An Online Dodgeball Game From EA Coming To All Current And Next-Gen Consoles

Knockout City has been announced as the latest EA Original from Valen Studios (Mario Kart Live Home Tour). The game is coming out on May 21st for PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC and it will have cross-play and cross-progression between all platforms.

You’ll be able to play it for free initially (more details on this later), or it’ll be $19.99 USD (roughly $25 AUD).

Knockout City

The game is based around dodgeball that’s obviously amped up to 100. Your aim is to get around the map, pickup a ball and take out the other opponent. You can also turn into the ball if none are at your disposal. The game is all about timing and working with your team in order to take the other players out.

At launch, the game will have five locations plus a hideout where you can hangout with your mates. Six unique balls that all have unique attributes and a progression system. The game will have five modes at launch including capture the flag, kill confirmed and team deathmatch. There’s casual matches or you can also enter more competitive matches in league play.