Game Builder Garage

Nintendo’s Game Builder Garage Will Teach You To Build Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo announced Game Builder Garage this morning. It builds upon the Labo Toy-Con Garage concept by teaching you to build a number of games in a number of clever and easy to understand ways. Unlike the Toy-Con Garage, you can actually share the games that you create here online with friends using share codes. The game will launch on June 11th for $49.95 AUD.

Included in the game are seven guide lessons that will teach you to build seven games including:

  • Tag Showdown: Build a game of tag for two people to play. Watch your head!
  • On a Roll: Steady now! Use motion controls to roll the ball through the maze.
  • Thrill Racer: Take on a computer driver in an exciting race to the finish line.
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In the game there are characters called Nodon that will teach you how to keep adding elements to your game in a fun way. Going off the gameplay trailer, we’ll be able to create some decent games with this once you put some time into it.

You’ll be able to play the game with your Joy-Con Controller, Pro Controller ands you’ll also be able to plug in a compatible mouse into the Nintendo Switch dock for easier controls.

No doubt we’ll get to see more of this game before it’s released next month, so we’ll keep you posted.

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