Sludge Life

Devolver Digital’s Sludge Life Has Been Refused Classification In Australia

Another day, another game refused classification in Australia. This time, it’s Devolver Digital’s Sludge Life which is unable to release on Nintendo Switch due to it being refused classification (according to a press release that we received this morning).

Whilst the game doesn’t look realistic by any means, it definitely does look to be quite edgy, in typical Devolver Digital fashion.

At the time of writing, the game is still available to purchase on both the Epic Games Store and Steam, which I’m finding more ridiculous as we have more of these digital games being refused classification locally.

Going off the game’s feature list, it does seem to be something that Aussies would enjoy:

  • Experience the thrills of vandalism from the safety of your computer.
  • Curiosity and free will are your only motivators – roll as you please.
  • Find and download apps to your laptop and waste your life away playing a game in a game.
  • Smoke Ciggy Cigs brand cigarettes. Smoke ‘em up real good.
  • Take photos of exotic fauna and ambivalent NPCs.
  • Dedicated fart button.
  • A huge baby, community basketball court, and a cat with two buttholes. [no extra charge]
  • Three distinct endings and a pretty robust credits.
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I’d suggest this one probably won’t be released on Switch (unless it was an error). Devolver Digital’s previous title Hotline Miami 2 was banned and subsequently never released in Australia.

When asked about the refusal of classification, Devolver Digital said that they had “nothing to say” at this time.