Nintendo Switch OLED
SOURCE: Engadget

The First Nintendo Switch OLED Impressions/Comparison Video Have Arrived And That Screen Is Gorgeous

The Nintendo Switch OLED is just over a week away and we have our first impressions courtesy of outlets in the US and UK as well as a couple of gamers who seem to have gotten their hands on the console early.

The key takeaway that seems to be unanimous from all of the impressions is the fact that the larger screen coupled with that OLED display means that you really need to get this thing in your hands to understand just how much of an improvement it is.

In a game like Metroid Dread, it sounds like the game benefits form that screen because there’s lots of darker environments, where most traditional Nintendo games, which are colourful and vibrant, pop so much more due to that OLED screen.

Gizmodo said: “Obviously, the biggest upgrade for the OLED Switch is its new 7-inch OLED screen, which finally adds the kind of richness and colour saturation that people are used to seeing on modern phones, tablets, and even some laptops. And despite my initial reservations about Nintendo keeping the resolution of the OLED Switch at 720p, after playing Metroid Dread for about an hour, I can say those fears were unfounded.”

Engadget said it was a contender for the most gorgeous handheld ever saying: “The OLED is bright, crisp and gosh-darn beautiful. The original Switch display still looks good, but the new screen is great.”

VGC said: “Anyone who’s upgraded their television to an OLED set will know what a significant improvement this kind of display is compared to a standard model, and Switch OLED represents a comparable upgrade over the original. If you’re an avid Switch player who mainly plays in portable mode, quite simply you’ll be wanting to upgrade to this.”

IGN said: Compared to the original Switch, the OLED model features deeper blacks and a richer, more vibrant color palette, which was especially evident when playing Metroid Dread. I’m unfortunately not able to show a direct side-by-side comparison, but having seen the two together, I can definitely attest to how much better the screen looks in person. It makes the launch Switch’s screen — with its much larger bezels and LCD display — look small and dim by comparison.

It’s clear once you see the two consoles running together that not only does the original Switch screen look small and clunky in comparison, but there’s just no comparing the two from a detail and vibrancy point of view.

The Nintendo Switch OLED releases on October 8th. Amazon currently has the cheapest price at $539.