Official Game Boy And Game Boy Advance Emulators For The Nintendo Switch Have Leaked Online

Nintendo fans on the internet are having a field day today as incredibly compelling evidence of an official Switch emulators for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy/Game Boy Colour has arrived in the form of the emulators themselves being ‘dumped’ from a Switch development kit.

The files appeared on 4chan, containing two emulators codenamed Sloop and Hiyoko (for GBA and GB/GBC respectively). Since their arrival the online community has been feverishly attempting to verify the emulators’ legitimacy, but thanks to digital signatures identifying Nintendo Europe Research & Development as being responsible for them all signs point to these being very real.

This would give credence to claims last year from outlets like Eurogamer that Game Boy titles were in fact on the way to the Nintendo Switch Online service, which currently houses NES, SNES, N64 and Sega Mega Drive games across its two subscription tiers.

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A Twitter user has also uploaded an apparent list of all the GBA games that have been tested internally using the emulator, and it’s a pretty hefty list. This of course doesn’t mean that all of the games listed would come to an eventual NSO service for GBA games but it’s a neat look into what Nintendo has been working on if these emulators are indeed legitimate: