wylde flowers

The Spellbinding Aussie-Made Cozy Sim Wylde Flowers Is Out Now On Switch And PC

Launch day is here!

You might remember Wylde Flowers as the Melbourne-made cozy sim that won an Apple Design award for Inclusivity back in June, and it’s one that we’ve been following closely as it geared up for a wider release on the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Well, today’s the day. Studio Drydock’s witchy take on farming/life sims with a big focus on story and diversity has landed on both new platforms.

Early reviews are glowing thus far, with Digitally Downloaded scoring it a perfect five stars, saying “The developer uses the term ‘cottagecore’ a lot to describe Wylde Flowers, but I feel that reduces it to just being a trend. Wylde Flowers is so much more than that: it’s heartfelt, inclusive, clever, and witchy. It’s the kind of game that makes you feel at home, and the kind of game you want to come home to. It’s a must-play game that I’d recommend to anyone, and that’s darned impressive considering it’s Studio Drydock’s first game (but not surprising if you go to its website and read about the resumes of people behind it).”

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Meanwhile our friends over at WellPlayed Australia scored it a 9/10 and said, “The sense of colour isn’t just in looks, meaning Wylde Flowers is an island highly worth visiting and another Aussie indie classic.”

You can grab the game on Steam right here, or browse the Nintendo eShop on your Switch console.