Spanky! Is An Aussie-Made Multiplayer Butt-Slapping Sim And It’s Out Now In Early Access

Bottoms up.

You may or may not have heard of Spanky! before. The brainchild of Melbourne developers/geniuses, Rory Hulme and Blake Kolodziej, as HappyHead Games, it’s a multiplayer booty-physics party game that encourages players to twerk together for the greater glute across a variety of modes – with the singular, consistent goal of slapping some cheeks (presumably, consent is informed before contestants enter this prestigious contest).

The game was spawned as a result of Hulme’s experiments in Unreal Engine during the crushing COVID-19 lockdowns in Melbourne circa 2019, where videos of his caked-up test dummies gained virality on TikTok and led to the idea becoming what it is now.

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Spanky! has officially launched as an Early Access product on Steam today, allowing eager booty-backhanders to get in early and play the game along with supporting its ongoing development. There’s already a heap here with over 300 free cosmetics to earn from gameplay and “Gloot Boxes,” 20 base maps, multiple modes, quick games and custom lobby support, and heaps more.

As an introductory offer, it’s also just $11.60 to pick the game up on Steam, so get around it right here.

Check out a very cheeky trailer below: