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Here’s A Side-By-Side Comparison Of Batman Arkham Trilogy On Switch

Not bad!

The Batman Arkham Trilogy has arrived on Switch, bringing a collection of games that might have seemed somewhat improbable on Nintendo’s handheld, especially in the case of the more recent entry, Arkham Knight, but somehow it’s been done.

Now, thanks to intrepid content creators such as Cycu1, we can see the first comparisons of the game running on the Switch to glean just how well this port runs. Jumping straight to the typically-gorgeous-looking Arkham Knight, which launched in 2015 for PS4, Xbox One and PC, in the video below you can see the it actually holds up shockingly okay.

Obviously there have been necessary downgrades made – texture detail, lighting, weather effects and overall performance – but it does look as though it still manages to offer up a comparable experience without completely falling apart (except maybe that horrible, blocky Bat Signal).

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Check it out:

The earliest game in the series, Arkham Asylum, naturally fares a little better in comparisons, even up against the recent remasters running on a PS5. It’s especially true given the Switch version seems to be based on the original version of the game, which retains a lot of the personality that was often lost in translation to the UE4-based remasters.

Take a look at that one:

Batman Arkham Trilogy is available now on Nintendo Switch. Amazon has copies for $89 including free shipping.