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Nintendo Just Added Seven New NES Classics To Nintendo Switch Online

Flog returns.

Nintendo has just released a new drop of classic titles for its July 2024 Nintendo Switch Online offering, launching seven new Nintendo Entertainment System games.

It’s a pretty significant allocation of titles in comparison to the usual drip-feed, though the games included aren’t exactly the most memorable or iconic – with the exception of Golf, of course.

It’s actually not the first time that Golf has been included on the Switch, though the previous example was an easter egg where a version of the game (running on an emulator called Flog) was found hidden away in the Switch’s source code as a touching tribute to the late Satoru Iwata. The game could be accessed by recreating Iwata’s famous Nintendo Direct hand gesture on the date of his passing, July 11th. Nintendo later removed this feature, so it’s nice to see the game return in a more accessible fashion.

These games are available to all Nintendo Switch Online subscribers with no need for the extra Expansion Pack tier, and you can find them in the Game Boy app (downloadable through the Nintendo Switch Online menu or the eShop) right now. If you don’t have an NSO membership already, you can get it for $29.95 here or $59.95 for a “family” membership with access for up to 8 accounts.

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The new games added are:

July 2024 Nintendo Switch Online Update

  • Cobra Triangle
  • Solar Jetman
  • The Mystery of Atlantis
  • Mach Rider
  • Golf
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math
  • Urban Champion

It’s time to hone your fighting abilities, explore the mysteries of an ancient lost civilization and – oh yes – break out your math skills, because Nintendo Switch Online members can play an eclectic array of Nintendo classics on the Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online library starting today!