The Star Wars Battlefront Campaign Has A Great Twist

The most surprising thing about today’s Battlefront II reveal is that the campaign will be told mostly from the Empire’s perspective.

The campaign takes place between The Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens with the game with the explosion of the Death Star 2 happening early in the game. This is not a moment of loss for the Empire, but instead, it’s a story about empowering the Empire and avenging the Emperor.

Telling the story of the Imperial army and more specifically, Iden Versio, was something that the team wanted to do from day one. The story of Battlefront II allows Iden to rise to the front, spotlighting the army on the ground. The game sets out to make Iden the hero, in order to tell the story about why the Rebellion are so bad in the eyes of the Empire.

The campaign will also take us to places that we haven’t seen before. We’ll get to see more about a brand-new Emperial planet called Planet Vardos. It’s the home base of the Empire and where Iden has lived since birth.

For the majority of the game, you’ll be playing as Iden, but there will be times in the story where you’ll jump to Rebellion Heroes such as Luke Skywalker, in order to get the the hero side of the story.


Star Wars Battlefront II releases worldwide on November 17th. Press Start flew to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida as a guest of EA to cover the game.