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A Better Frame Rate Will Go A Long Way To Getting You The Win In Call Of Duty: Warzone

NVIDIA has detailed their findings on how they believe that a better frame rate will increase your chances in getting the win in Call Of Duty: Warzone (and other competitive online multiplayer games).

Research by NVIDIA has detailed that with a FPS of 140FPS, your K/D ratio is likely to improve by 80% and if you can push your graphics card to get 180 FPS, you’ll see a 90% better K/D ratio. If you’ve played Warzone (or any battle royale for that matter), you’ll know that most deaths come down to a matter of milliseconds, which is why NVIDIA’s ‘Frames Win Games‘ campaign rings so true.

The reasons for this is that higher frame rates obviously result in smoother animations which provides clarity and allows you to correct your aim in a faster fashion, you’re less distracted by effects such as tearing or ghosting and you’ll see players earlier which is an obvious advantage no matter how small the difference is between a higher FPS/using a higher Hz display.

NVIDIA estimates that you’ll be able to get over the recommended 144 FPS with a 2060 Super or over, with a RTX 2080 Ti easily hitting the 200+ FPS on high settings. The full breakdown based on NVIDIA’s current like of GPUs is as below:


You can find NVIDIA’s guide on how to achieve the best possible frame rate using the technology that you have right HERE.

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