Epic Games Store Refund

The Epic Games Store Will Apparently Partially Refund You If You Buy A Game Before It Goes On Sale

This is a great initiative. There’s nothing worse than buying a game digitally only for it to go on sale hours or a few days later.

With the massive Epic Games Stores sale that’s going on at the moment, it appears that Epic has introduced a new initiate that will refund gamers if they purchase a game just before it goes on sale.

In an email sent to Twitter user Joshua Boggs, the email reads: You recently placed orders from the Epic Games Store. The price of  the game(s) you purchased were recently lowered, so we are issuing partial refunds for the difference(s).

The Epic Games Store’s official refund policy meant that gamers could previously just refund a game and re-purchase it, but this is a lot more consumer friendly as it looks after gamers regardless of whether they know about the newly discounted price or not.

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Coupling this with the fact that the Epic Games Store is giving away a bunch of great games every week, it looks like they might start turning more gamers onto the side of being happy to use the storefront.