Quake Is Currently Free On PC With More Free Games To Come

Quake is currently free on Bethesda’s PC launcher to celebrate QuakeCon At Home. All you need to do is download the Bethesda launcher, search for Quake and download the game for free before the weekend is over.

Bethesda will also make Quake II free after this weekend, if their charity drive (for the below charities) reaches $10,000 (it already has). Quake III will also become free if they reach $20,000 (it currently sits at $16,500).

The charities that Bethesda is collecting money for are Direct ReliefUNICEFNAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, The Trevor Project, Dallas Pets and Four Paws. 

So far this weekend, Bethesda has already announced that Doom Eternal’s first single-player expansion will be about the Ancient Gods. They also announced that Doom Eternal and Elder Scrolls Online are coming to PS5/Xbox Series X with free upgrades for those that own the games on current consoles.