Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 And Diablo 4 Aren’t Releasing This Year But A New Call Of Duty Is

In today’s earnings call, Activision Blizzard confirmed the news that Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4 will not release in 2021. Whilst it was expected that Diablo 4 would be some time away, Overwatch 2 has been presumably in development for some time, with the original game releasing almost five years ago.

It was said that the team reached a major milestone with Overwatch 2 in 2020, so it definitely sounds like it’s a decent way along. We’d expect it to release in 2022, but obviously with COVID, nothing is certain.

Activision also confirmed that a new Call Of Duty game is on the way this year (no huge surprises there) and that we’d see more remastered games this year in the same way that they’ve released Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Crash Team Racing and the Spyro Trilogy in recent years.

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This remastered content could possibly be the Diablo II Remake that was recently rumoured, 0r maybe we’d see more Tony Hawk or Crash Bandicoot games make a comeback.