Minit Fun Racer Is A Spin-Off About Scooter Racing And It’s Out Now

This morning, Devolver Digital announced and released Minit Fun Racer, a scooter racing spin-off to 2018’s Zelda-like. The best part? It’s available for the price of a coffee and every dollar will go to charity in perpetuity.

The developer will make donations to a variety of charities including Doctors Without Borders, Special Effect, and others. The original four-strong team from Minit have returned to collaborate on the project, which took just a couple of months to develop.

When Minit released back in 2018, it became an indie darling that coupled an unassuming and uncomplicated art direction, a supremely cool style, and an overworld full of puzzles, secrets, and one of gaming’s coolest gimmicks in recent memory. As the name suggests, each life the player lives lasts only a minute.

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In that minute, players can hit progression milestones and unlock upgrades that persist with every death, giving each and every demise a sense of purpose. Fun Racer sees a return of many of the things that made Minit so memorable and clever.

Minit Fun Racer is available through Steam for PC and it’s available right now.