Rocksmith+ Is A New Interactive Music Learning Experience Coming This Year

After a decade of Rocksmith redefining the market established by rhythm games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band by adding teaching and learning experiences, Rocksmith+ is back to do it all over again.

Coming later this year, Rocksmith+ brings the Rocksmith concept forward as a subscription service that brings an enormous and ever-growing library of songs to players so they’re able to collaborate, arrange and learn together as a community. The game supports acoustic, electric and bass guitar with manufacturers like Gibson and Kramer singled out.

There’s an open beta for the game running for the next month which players can sign up for here.

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It looks like a great tool for all skill sets as there’s real-time feedback, what we expect will be a huge community presence and the ability to read music in more ways that are already comfortable to players, such as tablature charts.

As for what it costs, it’s certainly on the pricier side of things with a 1-month subscription costing $24.95AUD, a 3-month subscription costing $59.95AUD, and the full 12-month setting players back a whopping $149.95AUD.