Bright Memory: Infinite Now Has A PC Release Date But The Xbox Version Is Coming Later

Update: Developer FYQD has offered an update on the Xbox Series X version of the game, stating they’re adding DXR support and that optimisation is taking time with more information to come at a later date.

PLAYISM has finally revealed the release date for the long-awaited action/FPS hybrid, Bright Memory: Infinite.

The pseudo-sequel to 2020’s blisteringly fast and frenetic one-man production is coming to PC on November 11, 2021.

The release date was announced alongside a new trailer that showcases two minutes of story and gameplay, showing off some enormous, mythical enemies as well as explosive set pieces – at one point protagonist Shelia engages in a shoot-out on top of an aeroplane in flight!

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Curiously, though we understood the Xbox version of the game was due to launch this year as well, and other console platforms later down the track, there’s no mention of any of them in this trailer.

It’s worth remembering that those who already own the original Bright Memory on PC will get a free upgrade to Bright Memory Infinite, and the original is still available on Steam for a mere AUD $14.50.

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