cookie cutter

Cookie Cutter Looks Like A Cult Classic Metroidvania In The Making

More original than the name implies

Rogue Games, the publisher of games like The Last Case of Benedict Fox and Highwater, has announced another title in its stable with Cookie Cutter – a weird and violent Metroidvania coming from developer Subcult Joint.

Billed as ‘techno-pop-punk’, this action-packed 2D game stars an android named Cherry who’s been infused with a mortal soul, and who the studio describes as “body and sex positive, punk rock as hell, and pissed.” Cherry’s mission to rescue her kidnapped creator/girlfriend will see her engage in hyper-violent combat against weird-as-hell enemies in a sprawling Metroidvania-style adventure full of puzzles, platforming and deep character progression.

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“Cookie Cutter is a weird, wild, fun-as-hell ride of a Metroidvania. It’s got all the staples of the genre. A massive world. Loads of insane enemies and boss fights. A twisted narrative. And it’s freakin’ beautiful,” says Rogue CEO Matt Casamassina. “But it’s also got a heroine who defies video game conventions in the best of ways and it’s a title unabashedly made for older players.”

Cookie Cutter will also host a range of accessibility features, ensuring players of all capabilities can engage. Check out the gorgeous-looking trailer below:

Cookie Cutter is due for release in 2023 for PC.