Epic’s New Unreal Editor Makes It Possible To Create And Publish Games Directly To Fortnite

This is... unreal.

Today during its State of Unreal presentation at GDC, alongside updates on new Unreal Engine 5 features and new looks at some upcoming games, Epic announced the Unreal Editor for Fortnite (or UEFN), a powerful new tool that developers can use to create and publish Unreal Engine 5-quality games and experiences directly to Fortnite itself.

With the UEFN application for PC, users can design, develop and publish games in tandem with Fortnite’s existing Creative toolset and using a new programming language called Verse, which has been created to get developers up and running with scripting for Fortnite and will also be a programming language for the metaverse in future. Verse will also become a supported programming language in Unreal Engine at a later date.


The UEFN is so powerfully integrated into Fortnite, that developers will even be able to collaborate and test projects in real time from the PC app, with others simultaneously testing and creating within Fortnite on console.

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A public beta for UEFN is available right now for anyone to download and play with, and Epic will be slowly building on the toolset over time. Epic shared looks at a handful of incredibly impressive-looking games made within UEFN, which you can see images of below:

Alongside this, Epic has announced it’s portioning off a huge 40% of the net revenue from Fortnite’s Item Shop and most other real-money purchases to creators of eligible custom islands and experiences within the game, in its new Creator Economy 2.0 scheme. You can learn more about that here.