GTA V Sales Are Still Smashing Pretty Much Every Popular Gaming Franchise

Take Two this morning revealed in their earnings report that Grand Theft Auto V has reached 70 million units in sales, which is absolutely ridiculous compared to other popular gaming properties. In an even more impressive stat, Grand Theft Auto Online is still growing years after release and has reported more revenue than in the same quarter the last year.

Things get even more interesting when comparing GTA V sales to other gaming properties. Analyst ZHugeEX has provided us with some pretty incredible stats.

When weighing up the numbers, you’ll quickly realise that Grand Theft Auto V as a single gaming property, has nearly sold more than the entirety of the Wii U software catalogue.

Further to this, Grand Theft Auto as a franchise has now passed 250 million units sold which surpasses a number of highly-popular franchises combined.

Grand Theft Auto V is an absolute juggernaut more than three years after release and is showing no signs of stopping. It looks to be a certain purchase for all new PS4 and Xbox One owners.

Grand Theft Auto V is also a huge seller in Australia, regularly finding itself in the top three games of the weekly top-selling software charts for both Australia and New Zealand.