The Burnout Team Is Bringing You All Kinds Of Vehicles In Star Wars: Battlefront II

I didn’t know this myself but apparently, the team who brought us the high adrenaline series Burnout also previously worked on the Star Wars: Battlefront VR experience that was released late last year. I personally loved it, it was a great little diversion from other VR titles and made me feel like I was inside a cockpit of a fighter from Star Wars.

It seems that EA loved their work so much, that they brought Criterion Games onboard to help retool and redesign the space battles in the new Battlefront. They were my least favorite part of EA’s revamp, so it’s encouraging to see EA taking this part of the game seriously this time around.Star-Wars-Battlefront-II---Vehicles ChaseDuring their pre-panel discussion at the Star Wars Celebrations, the designers of Battlefront II came clean to discuss that Criterion were brought on board to give the vehicles a sense of speed like no other, as well as to refine the controls to make them feel easy to maneuver. Much like the newly revamped characters, vehicles will have unlockable abilities and weapons as well.

While it’s been confirmed that vehicles from all walks of life (prequel, original and sequel era for example) will be included, there will also be iconic hero and villain vehicles as well – including the Slave I and Millenium Falcon which are both confirmed to return.

Star Wars Battlefront II releases worldwide on November 17th. Press Start flew to Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida as a guest of EA to cover the game.