Crash Bandicoot’s Honest Game Trailer Is Extremely Brutal

The honest trailer for Crash Bandicoot is an interesting mesh of Crash Bandicoot back in the 90s, Crash in Skylanders and the soon-to-be released Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy.

It’s pretty brutal which isn’t really new for the Honest Trailer series, but much of the Crash Bandicoot fanbase is quite upset with just how far it goes in calling it as a “limited platformer” especially next to the “iconic” Super Mario 64.

In all honesty, a lot of it is spot on. Crash Bandicoot is a very limited platformer, but it’s got a very dedicated fanbase and definitely served a purpose in its time.

We’re currently playing through Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Stay tuned for our review coming later this week.

  1. LOL! First and last “honest” game trailer video I’ll ever watch. Despite what the narrator with the (I’m hoping) purposefully bad voice acting coughed up in a cheese ball of sarcasm, you can’t deny that Crash has an extensive, dedicated fan base – that means something. Are Aku Aku and Papu Papu racist? IDK. Is Mario, your beloved stereotypical Italian plumber, racist? Almost certainly!

    Just because a title has healthy competition, it does not mean it is a failure. Crash Bandicoot was the unofficial mascot of PS; in some respects, so was Spyro. I’m an unofficial professional gamer, doesn’t mean I’m a failure because I don’t get paid for playing games 😀

    Running toward the screen in the boulder chase (or polar bear / triceratops equivalencies) scenes were great because either you’d learn to sharpen your reflexes or die trying. That or you learn to memorise the safest path.

    I’d be willing to watch (and have already watched) videos which actually point out the real downfalls / shortcomings in the original trilogy, whoever created this sorry attempt should invest in some research before churning out a crap attempt at being funny / trying to appease XBoners who can’t get over the fact the N. Sane is a PS Exclusive. *drops mic

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