Big Ant Is Developing Another Lacrosse Game

Big Ant Studios has announced that they’re working with Crosse Studios to develop Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 for PS4 and Xbox One. The game is launching in less than a month on March 13, 2018.

Building on the successful foundations of the first game, Lacrosse 18 will offer sports fans a dynamic, fast and challenging experience, with all the excitement, speed and big hits of the real-life sport.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 includes a completely reworked series of faceoff, shot, stick and dodging controls. It also features enhanced AI that responds to the complex 6v6 tactics that you see when watching the sport on the television. New motion captured animations for everything from face offs and shooting to post-goal celebrations add further broadcast realism to the game.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18 features comprehensive player and team creators, allowing you to put yourself and your local team right into the thick of the biggest Lacrosse competitions of all. New to Casey Powell Lacrosse 18, you’ll also be able to create stadia and logos, so you’ll be able to recreate your team’s sponsorship decals and their home ground.

Casey Powell Lacrosse 18’s manual substitutions, enhanced shot selection options, and improved stick and body check balance all give lacrosse fans all the tools they need to play the game the way they would play the sport.